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Welcome to Vigoda Law Firm, a boutique law practice in Raleigh, North Carolina focused exclusively on US immigration law. With passion, prudence, and sensitivity, Attorney Hannah Vigoda guides families, individuals, and companies through the maze of today's extraordinarily complex immigration system to achieve their immigration goals. Clients value Attorney Vigoda not only for her expertise and successful results, but also for the care and attention she gives each case — no matter how big or small — treating each client with the utmost respect and understanding.


Green Cards

A Green Card holder is a lawful permanent resident of the United States. The Green Card application process can take shape in several different ways.

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Fiancé(e) Visas

If you are a US citizen engaged to a foreign national, you may be able to sponsor your fiancé(e) for a visa to marry you in the US.

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US Citizenship

A US citizen is someone who has the full rights and responsibilities of being an American. Read on to understand how a person can become a US citizen.

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Humanitarian Immigration

Immigration relief may be available to victims of crime, human trafficking, and domestic violence, as well as those fleeing harm in their home countries.

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Vigoda Law Firm is available to advise on the current status of DACA and the possibility of other immigration options.

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Temporary Visas

The United States has an "alphabet soup" of visas that allow a foreign national to visit the US for a limited time and limited purpose.

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Hannah is a true gift. She helped my husband and I through the entire immigration process before our wedding. Hannah is extremely professional but equally personable, qualities that were so valued during this stressful time.


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